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Pre / Post Natal Exercise Pre / Post Natal Exercise

At Manuka Health we aim to reduce stress, build motivation and instill a positive attitude towards personal exercise.
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Manuka Therapies Massage Therapy

Massage is generally intended to reduce stress and fatigue while improving circulation.
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Manuka Mums Baby Steps

The greatest challenge for a Mum is to balance the demands of everyday life whilst taking care of a baby.
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At Manuka Health we help you to achieve and maintain a healthy mental and physical balance through nurturing and valuing yourself each and every day of your life.

Our aim at Manuka Health is help clients to understand the importance of finding a life balance; whilst exercise is very important so too is rest and helping your body and mind relax.

Life is very busy and ironically one of the most common factors that prevent us from taking time for ourselves is that “there isn’t enough time”! Unfortunately, many times it takes our bodies telling us through stress and strain that we need to slow down before we decide to make changes to our lifestyle.

Coupled with our support and motivation, we at Manuka Health believe that you can accomplish your goals and achieve a healthy balance which will enrich your and your family’s life forever.  

Manuka Health is about supporting you to achieve a healthy balance in life.











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